James Blake is one of those artists that we don't like seeing remixed; his original music is perfect enough, and most of these producers who go in with the best intentions end up adding too much or rearranging shit in awkward angles. That's why we tend to avoid the plethora of remixes we've seen, but my ears perked up when I saw that N3GUS had done his own bootleg edit of "Retrograde." It's got a dope build to it; yeah, it basically keeps the original in tact, adding loads of different/distinct drum patterns to it. I was actually expecting more of a full-on jungle-ish rework to the track, but the wave of drums that he adds in bit by bit is much more suitable for our needs. See if this fits your funk for a Monday evening.

Also, we already saw one remix of TNGHT's "Acrylics." Just stop it. And if you're a blog posting that as a premiere, please fall the fuck back from that life. Thank you.