Sitting down with Vibe, French Montana announced his next single, "I Ain't Worried About Nothing," will be coming out on April 19. But really, the big announcement was that it woulnd't have have guests on it. French's previous single "Pop That" had Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross all spitting verses while his latest single "Freaks" has Nicki Minaj dropping a 16.

"The next single is called 'I Ain't Worried About Nothing.' It's me by myself," said French, who seemed wayyy too proud to say that. "I want to give something out for the people that always thought I needed a feature, I'm doing a record by myself."

French then proceeded to talk about others songs on his album which will feature everyone from Diddy to Scarface to Snoop Dogg

We're glad French is at least self-aware enough to realize people think he can't do it on his own. Now he just has to make a great single. 

Excuse My French drops May 21.

[via Vibe]

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