In the April issue if Dazed & Confused, Ciara talks about the making of her upcoming album, One Woman Army, which drops on June 4.

The interview focuses on her growth as an artist and how she's gone from the "Princess of Crunk&B" to a more mature, diverse artist on her latest music, including the phenomenal Mike WiLL Made It-produced track "Body Party," written by Future.

Ciara talks about Nicki Minaj being a "breath of fresh air" in hip-hop, why she doesn't like the nickname "Princess of Crunk&B" and working with Future, who she has been dating.

On her earlier music:

"I didn’t like being called the princess of Crunk&B, because it wasn’t my sound. I was the first girl to do that sound, but Usher did that sound too (in ‘Yeah’) and he’s not called the something of Crunk&B! [Laughs] It was really good to do something that was fresh, but there was and is so much more to my music than just one sound."

On working with Future:

"We’re on the same label, and they had always wanted us to work together. I think his approach to making music is very unique. He doesn’t approach it in the typical rapper way, and he can write real R&B pop melodies.

"I love being aggressive at certain points in my records, and working with him helps me to tap into a different kind of aggressiveness, because he also has his own. It’s a different perspective. Everything happened very organically on this record."

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