Ed Rush & Optical were both cut from the Metalheadz cloth, although Ed Rush did spend some time crafting tracks with Nico and the No U-Turn crew, helping birth the sound many came to know as "techstep." Optical wasn't just dragging his feet; he was off engineering for the likes of Grooverider, helping craft Groove's Mysteries of Funk album. Sometime in their travels, these two decided to not only craft tunes together, but take their sinister, technically-advanced sounds and mesh them together, elevating the techstep sound into the new millenium with neurofunk, a pretty apt description for their next-level tunes. They started up Virus Recordings, which not only housed their tunes, but tracks from Ryme Tyme, Matrix, Fierce, Cause4Concern, and other like-minded producers, many of which went on to spread their own version of the sound onward.