Kevin Gates: "We passed the music out, we went hand to hand. We went to different neighborhoods, wherever we went, passed them out. There was a time I used to pass CD’s out, me and my team and people threw them on the ground. Kids wouldn’t listen to it, but me and my team kept pushing.

"Boosie’s from out the neighborhood, so he showed love [when recording "Get in the Way"]. Me and my team asked him what he wanted and he could’ve knocked our dick in the dirt, but he didn’t. He kept it real. He didn’t charge us an outrageous number. He didn’t charge us a number that he might charge someone from somewhere else. I salute him for that. 

"[I noticed people starting to pay attention to my music] when I came out of jail [in 2011]. Before that people were listening to it, but it was people out of my neighborhood so I was cool. I wasn’t tripping. So I held it down for my neighborhood. Now it has expanded."