Alexander Spit: “When it comes to me selling beats—that’s an amazing luxury to be able to do. But it’s nothing I’ve gone full force for because when I make a good beat I tend to write a song to it. If I make a mediocre beat, I don’t want to give people mediocre beats. I save all the good beats for myself. Down the line that’s something that I really want to do.

“Last year we put out that Bago’s Sunday’s Best and that was the first time I fully produced another artists work. It was the type of stuff I want to do with other artists more than me sending five beats to a rapper and they choose one.

“My beats provide moods more so than providing bangers. Even though I’m capable of making bangers, a lot of people are caught off guard when they ask me for beats and I send them some shit that they can write a love song to.”