After a series of massive hacks, Soulja Boy’s week seems to be looking up. He has yet to make an official announcement, but it looks like the Chicago rapper may now be a member of Rich Gang and Lil Wayne’s YMCMB label. Rumors about the deal have been floating around ever since Soulja got the words “Rich Gang” inked on his face a few days back. Since then, he listed Rich Gang as his record label on Facebook, added “#richgang” to the top his Twitter page and put “rich gang/YMCMB” on his Instagram profile.

This all comes just about a year after the last time there was speculation about Soulja Boy joining Young Money. Back then, Soulja Boy said, 

“I met with Baby and Slim down in Miami. He’s trying to get me to come over to Cash Money … I still got paperwork with Interscope Records, so I’m just trying to figure out what I’ma do. I got a lot of great options on the table — I’ve been a fan of Cash Money since I was young. I’ve been listening to Birdman’s music since I was growing up. I would have never thought.”

But Birdman quickly shot down the rumors saying quite eloquently, 

YMCMB busine$$ real talk.I neva tried 2 sign n0b0dy thts already sign 2 s0meb0dy. we d0nt r0ck like tht.I neva tried 2 sign s0ulja.but I respect tha lil h0mey wrk keep getn it$$$$.”

When we talked to Soulja Boy about his label situation last month (after he mysteriously dropped from Interscope’s roster), he told us,

I’m in a position right now where I can go do whatever I want to do. I can go and sell them an album. I could go and sell them a single. Or I could damn near release an album independently and get however much money I want to get off of it. I’m kind of like a young CEO businessman, like when Jay-Z was doing Rocafella. So right now, I’m in a nice position. I just got to play my cards right … it wasn’t nothing like, "Soulja Boy got dropped from Interscope." It was just, my contract was up. The duration of albums that I signed with them, I’ve delivered what I had to deliver. So it’s like, right now, I got the option to go back and re-do my contract and re-do my budget, and re-do all that. Or I could just go with any other label. I got options right now. It wasn’t a thing where, "Oh, Soulja Boy got dropped from the label." It was a thing where, "Oh, Soulja Boy’s contract was up," and which direction do I want to take it to now?

There’s still no official confirmation from YMCMB or Soulja Boy, but these elements are all pretty suspicious.

Especially one of his recent Vines:

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