Rumor has it, Chief Keef has broken out of prison.


It is true that Chief Keef is set to be released from prison today. The planet didn't stop spinning when he was sent away for two months at the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles, Illinois. In some cases, life changed radically; let's just hope Chief Keef isn't too eager to log back into Google Reader.

We've all heard the stories of convicts coming out after hard time and having trouble adapting to the modern world. Cell phone technology, iPods, even restaurants that give you buzzers for when your food is ready—a guy convicted in the '90s would have no idea about such luxuries.

But what has Chief Keef missed out on since he was sentenced back in January? 

More than you'd think. Here are the 20 Ways the World has Changed Since Chief Keef Went to Jail.