Tonight in Atlanta, So So Def held their 20th Anniversary concert, and Jermaine Dupri brought out Jay-Z to perform a few songs. But due to the DJ not having instrumental versions for the joints he was going to perform, he only rocked "Public Service Announcement" and an acapella rendition of his "Clique" verse in full.

Hov made a good point to JD after cutting short his "N****s In Paris" performance when his lead vocals dropped in: "I don't f*ck with the vocals my G. Let me do my own sh*t. Y'all ain't have to come out here for that. You could've just played the sh*t and put a picture of me up there." 

Note to all DJs. If Jigga is making a guest appearance at a concert, and you're working the turntables, make sure you have the instrumental versions of the songs he is going to be performing. He doesn't like to spit over his own vocals. And rightfully so. 

UPDATE. Check out Hov and JD's performance of "Money Ain't A Thang."

[via Yardie]