I really like to put my ears to releases and give them thought and perspective before posting them, and this one took a bit longer than usual to digest.  Instead of copying and pasting the press release, skimming through, and saying "hey that was pretty good," I dived into this record.

I am also NOT the type to post albums that are for sale.  We live in a world where consumers care more about free downloads than making sure the artists they claim they love are compensated for their hard work.  I have this in mind as I select the songs and releases that I wish to post.  But this record is absolutely amazing, and the BandCamp release comes packaged with eight instrumentals from the project.   And for all of you aficionados, you can pre-order this on vinyl.

Sweatson Klank is one of the pioneers of the L.A. beat scene, and you can tell that his musical ear has been trained for years.  He created an absolutely flawless mesh of sounds that pull from the  electronic world, but somehow keep a jazzy R&B vibe as well.  This masterfully crafted release is his third in 10 years, and features from Vikter Duplaix, Ango, Selfsays, Doc Illingsworth, Deniro Farrar, and more really wrap this display wonderfully.  This is good music, and it should be treated as such.