When you go to a club/rave/festival, one thing you know you're going to see is a DJ on stage, dropping the sickest beats they currently have in their bins. You'll see them raising their hands, interacting with the crowd, and generally feeling the music they're providing. You'd think it would just be an artist arriving to a venue with their laptop/hard drive and going to town? That's not necessarily true, and through our new "Snapshots" series, we're going to showcase what goes on behind the scenes, from the preparation for the night's show to seconds before they touch the stage.

Andrew Rauner (of AJR Photos) is no stranger to this kind of work. His resume includes working with Rolling Stone, MTV News, DJ Times, Mix Mag, and the Village Voice, just to name a few. He's well-versed in the world of EDM, and brings his years of experience to DAD, allowing you, the readers, to get a glimpse at what a DJ gets into behind-the-scenes, with commentary from the DJs themselves.

For the debut "Snapshots," Andrew followed DJ Thomas Gold around NYC for his sold-out Roseland Ballroom show in January 2013. Allow Thomas to take you through his timelines, showcasing everything from his fun pre-show antics to how he sees you, the audience, from behind the decks. Music might be the ultimate expression of one's self, but it's always great to get their thoughts first hand. Welcome to Snapshots.