DJ Prince Paul is known for his oddball musical stylings in the last decade almost as well as he is known for his legendary production work for De La Soul. In 2001, he was asked to score the movie Pootie Tang along with Don Newkirk. For those who don't know, Pootie Tang was a film written by Louis CK that stemmed from a popular sketch on The Chris Rock Show. The comedy went on to become something of a cult classic.

Now, Prince Paul has released a song that never made it onto the film's soundtrack. The song is called "Tipi Ti on Mi Cappi Town," and it features Missy Elliott, with additional vocals from Lance Crouther—AKA Pootie Tang himself. Missy gets her crooning on for this slow jam, which was apparently supposed to be a ballad for a night club scene in the film.

Listen: DJ Prince Paul f/ Missy Elliott and Pootie Tang "Tipi Ti on my Cappi Town"