Imagine Fat Trel's excitement when he opened his Mail app to see: "Trel, it's Tommy."

Yes, that's Tommy Hilfiger we're talking about.

We've been hearing a lot about Ricky Hil, the tattooed son of Tommy Hilfiger who signed a record deal with Warner Bros. in 2011 and recently released SYLDD. His album stands for Support Your Local Drug Dealer. The question on everyone's mind has been: What does Tommy think?

But today, Fat Trel gave us some insight into the fashion mogul and rising rapper's father/son relationship. The D.C. rapper Instagram'd this photo from Mr. Hilfiger himself, inviting Trel to the Potomac Mills Tommy Hilfiger store: 

Ricky is CC'ed. What does this all mean? Well, first things first, Fat Trel wins Rap Instagram today. Second, Hilfiger wants the Slutty Boyz captain to represent? Does this mean that we could see some sort of collab in the future?

In the very near future, we're hoping to see: "Keef, it's Tommy." Until then, folks.

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