Early yesterday morning, reports (and tweets) hit the Internets, saying that both Dyro and his manager were kicked out of the Stages Nightclub in Canada, and sometime during this altercation, Dyro was kicked twice in the face. We've been trying to obtain more information on the situation, but it seems like the only conversation has been how Stages wronged Dyro.

An "anonymous raver" sent over a different side of this story to the DAD inbox this afternoon, claiming that it was the drunkeness of Dyro and his manager, coupled with a request to end the night's sets that helped escalate the situation:

While the actual events of what happened at the end of Dyro’s set are still debatable by all sides, this is the most truthful story that I can construct...

At around 215am, I went up to the area behind the booth just to get a different view from where I had been standing/dancing for most of the night. The booth (with Dyro playing) was absolutely trashed. The mixers for the Grey Goose bottles were on the ground split, there was garbage everywhere and it was a massive mess. At around 245, most if not all of the crowd had either left, or was in the coat check line to leave. Stages management went over and asked Dyro to turn the volume down and finish his set. To this request the volume level did not go down, the music did not stop and Dyro continued to play. From what I know, Dyro’s manager was very drunk and didn’t take to kindly to having his client asked to stop playing. After the club’s second request for him to stop playing things started to escalate. The sound booth (on the other side of the club) lowered the master volume and to this Dyro (who from multiple reports was also heavily intoxicated) turned volume on the booth monitors up. A shouting match escalated and a number of bouncers came over. Threats were uttered from Dyro’s intoxicated manager and the situation got more intense. Stages management must have finally had enough of Dyro and his manager who were exemplifying some pretty cocky and egotistical traits. They completely shut the music down and removed them from the venue, taking them out the side door/backdoor of the club. Aside from Dyro’s story, not a single person has told me that Dyro was ‘assaulted’ or “kicked twice in the face”.

You can check out their site for the full story of the night. As of now, there's been no more mention of this incident from Hardwell or Dyro, nor any other stories of Dyro and/or his manager's drunkeness. We'll keep you posted on this developing story.

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