I play on this Vestax VCI 300.  I tested it out a couple of years ago and did a promo video for it, and haven’t dropped it since.  There are enthusiasts that say “you MUST play vinyl," and that’s really far from true.  Skrillex plays through Ableton and uses a controller to manipulate his sound.  Zedd uses a S4.  Munchi uses CDJs, but never with Serato.  There are enthusiasts that swear by Technics 1200s, but use Traktor or Serato with it.  You should use whatever setup you are comfortable with and be sure that the quality of the audio you’re playing out is pristine.  I suggest practicing with CDJs and turntables, though, as you’re fucked if your setup fails for some reason and you aren’t familiar with the hardware that is standard in most clubs.