The backbone of hip-hop production is the sample. Sure, over the years some producers may have abused sampling, but that doesn't diminish the technique's value in rap's currency. Producers skim various genres, plucking the perfect vocals or riffs to weave into a beat's fabric. If we didn't have samples, we'd be left with a bunch of bass lines...and that would get old really quickly.

So to honor the art of sampling, we've compiled a list of 20 samples in hip-hop that helped reinvent the wheel, which a focus on vocal samples from white female singers. Whether the original song lyrics were used to substantiate the new song's message or they just made a rap beat sound cool, these are the standouts. Salutes all around to the original artists being sampled, but just as much credit is due to the rappers and producers who revisit their work.

These are the The 20 Best White Girl Vocal Samples in Rap History.

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