Out today on Hollyrock is the Leap of Faith EP from Rad Omen (their first since the release of their Search Party and Destroy album) and SNDCLSH (a DJ duo consisting of Lupe Fiasco and Sky Gellatly). The original blends EDM aspects beautifully with an epic vocal, diving into a drum & bass-tinged beast.

They called up Knight Riderz and Vass for remixes, giving us a dope take on the original's flavor. For his remix, Knight Riderz punches the track up into an electro-tinged workout. Really takes the vibe of the track into more sinister territory, while still keeping it fresh enough to cut a rug to. Vass went in the other direction, going into this intergalactic trap vibe, with all kinds of lasers and monstrous subs, perfect for rattling the trunks of whatever whip you're pushing.

You can grab the Leap of Faith EP on iTunes.