Techno, techno, techno. To most it's a pretty confusing word and a lot of people would rather just ignore it all together. To the uninitiated and willfully ignorant the word techno is a catch-all term for electronic music. For many, techno is a specific style of electronic music characterized by gritty beats, impeccable sound design, ominous vibes, and a rich history colored by diversity and a penchant for pushing the sonic envelope. For Nicole Moudbaber, techno (along with some other house and electronica influences along the way) has been just that and more. Techno has provided the stylistic basis through which Moudaber has forged her own signature sound and made huge waves throughout the electronic music community. To put it simply, she's just might be one of the most important women in the future of electronic music. Now she's ready to take it a step further launching her own imprint, MOOD Records.

MOOD Records is slated to be the home for established names and to be an avenue for breaking new artists, just as don Carl Cox introduced her not too long ago. Just looking at her own path, it's clear Moudaber will be more than apt to get her label going and lead a new crop of talent. Coming to New York after spending her formative years in Africa and the Middle East, Moudaber began as a club kid and then promoter where she got her taste of the music industry. At some point though Moudbaber removed herself to re-energize and determined reemerge as a producer and DJ herself and the decision has been decidedly fruitful. Moudbaber has had releases on Cox's Intec Digital, and Adam Beyer's famed Drumcode, Alan Fitzpatrick's 8 Sided Dice and more. Moudaber has held it down, regularly finding her way on to the top of the Beatport charts, providing a turn to the prestigious Essential Mix series and her tunes have been in huge sets around the world. It's crazy to think just how far she's come without asking too many questions, but if we're just looking at what she has done on paper, the list is pretty remarkable.

Now as we're only a month into 2013, Nicole Moudaber is really kicking her label off. Starting it off with a five-hour set and an official launch party at New York's Pacha, Moudaber has enlisted Alan Fitzpatrick and Nathan Barato to get things going. We're delighted to see Moudaber kick this label off because it's obviously putting more diversity in a position of cultural and sonic influence; something that is lacking in the electronic music community (although it is getting better!). We know the first release is about a month away but we're already pumped the prospect of MOOD Records and can't wait to get those tunes.

Turn off the lights, turn up the subs, and dance to this Essential Mix for a taste of her groove: