Label: Relativity/Violator
Release Date: 6/21/1994

As great as Intoxicated Demons was, the 'Nuts debut saw "third of the trio" and lead MC, Fashion, return from his up north trip, allowing the crew to operate at full capacity and really go to town. The musical depth displayed here is a testament to the limitless potential of crate-digging and getting your fingers dusty, as the trio laid down some of the dirtiest grooves ever committed to wax.

Masterfully sequenced, this collection of loud drums, blunted interludes, and demented lyrics transports the listener to a rowdy late-night house party deep in Corona, Queens, filled with hot broads, great music, a lot of booze, and the off-chance you might get punched in the face if you spill anybody's drink. What more could you ask for?