Label: Wild Pitch/EMI
Release Date: 7/23/1991

Although Large Professor and DJ brothers Sir Scratch and K-Kut had previously dropped a couple of independent singles, most rap fans were first exposed to the Main Source sound via the "Lookin' At The Front Door" single on Wild Pitch, the tale of a man fed-up with his girlfriend treating him "like a burnt piece of bacon." When Breaking Atoms hit the shelves, it proved to be packed to the brim with rich, original samples and innovative song concepts.

Large covered everything from questioning current slang ("Peace Is Not The Word To Play"), celebrating a friend's day job ("Watch Roger Do His Things"), to striking out racist cops ("Just A Friendly Game of Baseball"), set to some of the most cutting-edge crate-digging of the day. As if that wasn't enough, Main Source also blessed the world with the incredible "Live At The BBQ," which gave us our first exposure to both Nasty Nas and Akinyele. A true classic in every sense.