Label: Reprise

Jesse Marco: "That record to me is really special. When I was going through harder times, I would say I was listening to that record a lot. If someone had passed away or something wasn't going right, I don't know.

"First of all, that record, my favorite song is 'Down By the River,' and that song-to just give you some insight-you know that movie that came out... Wasn't there just a movie about a country songwriter? Jeff Bridges plays him. I forget the name of the movie [Crazy Heart]. So they took a lot of ideas from I think-this is not fact, but this is what I think-it seems like they took a lot of ideas from Neil Young's life, and apparently Neil Young got strung out on heroin in the desert, and was suffering and wrote that song for that album. That in itself, with that one song, for me transcends everything. You can play that song for anyone and anyone will tell you that it's a great song.

"People criticize him for his really whiny voice and stuff like that. I just think that his guitar playing, and his fingering of the guitar-he has a very intricate way of playing the guitar. To me it's very rock-and-roll. It's not the cleanest, but he almost makes the guitar sing. The melodies that he's playing and the solos-he'll just go.

"That one song ['Down By the River'] is 9 minutes long. His songs are super long and weird and crazy, because that dude was high on heroin writing that shit. He was zoning the fuck out, and it's terrible to say, but those songs are fucking legendary. Who gives a shit? That record for me, I can listen to at any time, and it's a great record."