Label: King, Solid Smoke, Polydor

Jesse Marco: "I think that was also, again, another one where you need to have that record as a DJ. A lot of James Brown records were, I remember as a DJ, you could essentially, at certain parts of the night, like late at night, when the party isn't really over but it could be over, like you stop playing music that people would want to dance to, you kind of just play this one record, and the party will keep going. That's what's essential about it. It's the funkiest, dude. The loudest, funkiest. All the drums on that album are classic break samples now.

"It's funny because if you look at hip-hop now, like the cultural state of it, and you look back at the characters in it, they're kind of like a souped up version, or a future version of what James Brown was. Fucker would not catch him looking fly as fuck with a crazy-ass suit and some gator boots on, on some like, 'I just came from my last show, these are my four girlfriends.' [Laughs/] Guy was a rockstar, bro. That's who they all learned it from. He's the king."