Label: LaFace/Arista

Dom Kennedy: "That ATLiens is probably my favorite one. I bought that on cassette tape.That was a great album. The first eight songs especially I remember just playing them nonstop. I remember I loved how it was so rare. Even nowadays, especially back then, you could just play songs continuously. Back then, having a tape or having a CD, you wanted to just be able to play shit and not go to the last song to hear the song you like. That Outkast I remember I just loved it because it started off so strong. The whole thing is good, but it just started off ... the first 8 songs and loved every one of them. I used to play the shit out of that tape.

"And again, the artwork. I loved the comic book theme that they did. That artwork. It was just real iconic and you could tell that they planned that out. To do it like they did it, you could tell it was all thought out. They had a real plan. You just have to apply that and that’s what works. You could tell when someone puts time and thought into a concept. Into an album. And they get to execute it."