Uploaded: September 14, 2012

Mixtape: Next 2 Blow

DGainz: “I heard that song when they sent over that and ‘All We Know Is Drill,’ and the vibe when I actually heard the song just caught my attention. I remember I was in the park with my brother Choppa,  heard it in the headphones and I was like, damn. I just played it over and over and I was like ‘listen to this.’ Everybody was vibing to it, it had that chill—you can hear the struggle behind it. I really wanted to do like a simple video to it.

“We went to the suburbs and shot the scene of the girl dancing, and then we rolled to the hood and Elevator helped me shoot that one too. That was like a smooth video shoot. Ain’t no problems, no police. It just came out nice, that’s one of my favorite records I’ve shot a video for. Lil Chris is a real cool dude. That was my first time using a car jib. I think it came out great.”