Label: Ruthless/Relativity/Mo Thugs/Epic

A$AP Yams: “I met Bizzy Bone this year. I never been starstruck in my life. That was the first time. When I met Bizzy and shit, that was the first time I really got star struck. The whole Bone Thugs movement was insane to me. E. 1999 was such a great album. I was always a fan of Bizzy Bone, and for him to go solo during that time was like a really bold move, cause nobody come out from that whole situation, and Heaven’z Movie was really a dope ass album that I think is appreciated by the hardcore Bones fans, but general Bones fans don’t really, aren’t really up on it like that.

“Bizzy broke character. He went through a lot of shit. From being abducted and all of that shit, and he was talking about that on his record, you could just feel the pain when he rapped. To me he had the best lyrics out of the whole Bone Thugs. He’s probably neck and neck with Krayzie Bone, in my opinion. That’s definitely an album I listened to back in the day and shit.”