Ty Dolla $ign: "‘Forbidden Fruit’ is myself, this cat named Dumb Bunny from Israel, and then my other homeboy Chuck. Basically like we all did a tab of playing guitar and I’d chop up what I liked and then place it.

“‘Young Honey,’ that’s actually me and my homeboy Nano together. Nano is also the dude that came up with the [phrase] 'toot it and boot it.' He told me, ‘Yo, say toot it and boot it.’ I’m like, what does that mean? ‘Fuck a girl and leave her and shit.’ He wrote that one, we also wrote the other song on there with me, Dom Kennedy and T. Mills, ‘Another One.’ Nano came up with that line, ‘She says she love me, I’m no dummy, all she want is dick and money.’ [Laughs.] That shit's crazy. Say I’ll have like the hook and I’ll write my verse, he’ll say, ‘Say this, say that.’ That’s how the songs always come. Whoever I’m in the room with.

“‘Another One,’ I actually recorded that one at my grandma’s house. We were just over there and I had my laptop and a mic. I came with the hook to this beat by my homeboy Cardo—he did a lot of Wiz Khalifa shit. He sent me a folder of beats and that one stood out. And I just came up with the song. I don’t know how I thought about that but I did it. [Laughs.]

“‘My Cabana,’ that was just like...one day I was just chilling and I made the beat. I sampled this song from a dude named Zedd, he’s like a house producer. I listen to a lot of house music. I sampled the drop on a song called ‘Break’n A Sweat,’ where he had also sampled Skrillex and The Doors. I took it and I slowed it way down, added some swag-ass drums to it, and then for some reason I just heard in my head the Mint Condition [“Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)”] horns. So I took those and chopped them up and then tuned them to the other sample and it just ended up working out.

“Nate came through and he was like, ‘That shit is fire.’ He added some sweeps and shit, and then we were just vibing to the beat. I don’t remember how we came up with the ‘My Cabana’ shit but it just came. It was me, Nate and Buddha. I do have a cabana on my deck in the back of my crib, and there was girls constantly coming through and all that shit. I guess it just came with the song somehow.

“I don’t know how the hook came, it just came. We were just looking at the cabana. [Sings.My cabana my cabana, how many girls can I fit. I don’t know. It was just so crazy.

“Probably about like 12 or 13 [hoes fit in the cabana]. 14 maybe. If they’re a little thick, like 10. The skinny ones, maybe I can get like 15 in there. [Laughs.]”