Travi$ Scott: “That beat was actually on my EP. I was playing ‘Ye my whole album and he fucked with it. I left him the beat. It wasn’t even no like—cause we was doing some movie, the whole Cruel Summer movie. I was doing [songs] for that. My actual music is in the movie. Then, it came to a point where it was like album time, like ‘Yo I think I’m going to use this on the album. Who has lyrics? Everyone raise your hand. Travi$?’

“So I was in like L.A, and I got hit up like, ‘‘Ye wants you to rap on this.’ I was like, ‘What?!’ I was looking left and right like, ‘Are you serious? I’m about to be rapping?’ I was nervous but I freestyled—that verse is a freestyle. I sent it back and he was like, ‘Oh this shit is so ill!’ I was like ‘Word up.’

“That beat, how I made it, is just like how it is on there. That’s what it is on Cruel Summer. Nothing different. How it sounds on tape and that’s how it sounds now. If anything, it’s just like rearranged. The 808s and opening up the song. It’s just added to make it more like ‘Ah!’

“The response to Cruel Summer is like ‘Man, this shit is just stupid. It’s fresh.’ And then some people would like it if it was a little more extensive, extended with like a little more songs, but I think it’s a good body of work. I’m happy to be apart of it.”