Travi$ Scott: “I’m an album artist. I’m not here for just no single. I could give a fuck less. I’m more about creating a cold ass body of work. I want to build a saga. I want to start with this first album and then the next album will be like the extended play or the alternative play of that, and after that, I should on the greater milestone, so I can just do whatever the fuck I want.

“Like having the best stages in the game at 22. Having the best videos, best fucking at the Grammys. Killing shows. No one’s fucking with my live performance like. My whole aesthetic is original and fresh—it’s not feeling forced or fake or taught. It’s like, this is him, he did it his way. Never let no one tell me anything unless it’s like good advice.

“So that’s like my long-term man. I just want to grow man. Have these albums. You never know man, I might be covering this fucking magazine. You'll be like, ‘I remember I interviewed this kid and he was spitting this shit to me.’

“We got some shit coming in 2013. I can definitely tell you that it’s a takeover. Niggas just don’t even know. Every nigga that stepped on me is about to be slapped in the fucking face. Real talk.”