Album: Until The End Of Time
Label: Interscope, Amaru Entertainment

Tone: “I was actually consulting at Interscope at one time and they had just built their studio inside of the Interscope offices in L.A. Nobody had worked in the studio yet and Jimmy Iovine was like, ‘Tone why don’t you come out and work in the studio? You can let us know what you think about it and help us tweak it?’ I said cool.

“When I get out there, we have the conversation about the 2Pac record and what I could work on in the studio. They had a bunch of 2Pac acapellas, so there was that and there was one other record, ‘Letter to My Unborn.’ They gave me the acapellas, I went down into the studio and we just created the music to go behind Pac’s acapellas.

“RL was just a cool friend of mine who happened to be in L.A. and I called him over to the studio, not necessarily to do that but just hanging out. When he got there, it just so happened that it’d be perfect for him to sing the hook. He sang the hook on the record and that was just it, we spent about two days on the record. It was pretty cut and dry but that record was the first record created in Interscope studios.”