Album: Return of Saturn
Label: Interscope
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Tony: “We were trying to go with a dancehall feel on that. I love the way that song turned out, and obviously that goes into a different kind of chorus. I love that song, I love playing it live."

“I love the showtune sound that it has, and that’s one for me personally that I love to play live.”

“‘Bathwater’ is another one I remember writing at Glen Ballard’s house, and that one came really quick. It was easy to write. The funny thing is, that was one where it got released as a single, and we got a lot of airplay in L.A. Our album was selling in L.A because the single was out here. But the label never believed in it, and they were like, ‘No we’re not going to promote that song as a single to the rest of the country.’ The label, its their business—whatever. It’s just one of those things.That song is always really fun to play live and it goes over great.”