Don’t go near Flo Rida’s crib. His Miami mansion is well-equipped with an intricate security system worth up to $58,000. But according to a new lawsuit, he is refusing to pay for it.

In the suit, Flo is being sued by ADT. They claim in 2009 that his home was wired up with a system complete with dozen sensors, smoke detectors and about 27 security cameras.

It also turns out that Flo actually put a down payment on the system. He paid $19,366.66 for the initial deposit, but once it was completed, he never paid the remaining $38,733.

ADT, which is the largest security company in the United States, now wants Flo to pay up the full amount plus interest, totaling to $47,134.40.

What makes things a little confusing is Flo Rida claims he never authorized the work and doesn’t owe them any money. The case has yet to be determined by a judge.

[via TMZ]