It's not often that singles take the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 in their first week. Since the chart's inception on January 1, 1995, only 20 tracks have landed atop the Hot 100 while also making their debut. Only two artists have been lucky enough to accomplish this feat more than once—Mariah Carey and Britney Spears—while others have more or less fallen into obscurity following their break-out hit. You can thank American Idol for many of those.

But it's Carey who stands as the Queen of the Billboard Hot 100. She's had a total of three singles reach No. 1 in their first week and one of those, 1995's "Fantasy," hit that spot 17 years ago this coming Sunday, September 30. The track, which received a gully boost when Ol' Dirty Bastard hopped on the remix, was the second single to debut atop the Hot 100 and the first time it happened with a female artist. It also paved the way for Carey to do the same several months later with her moving Boyz II Men collaboration, "One Sweet Day," and two years down the line with the irresistible "Honey."

And as we approach the anniversary of "Fantasy" topping the charts, we've rounded up every song to ever debut at No. 1. Browse through the list by clicking below.

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