Hard Knock TV caught up with Joey Bada$$ recently out in California during the Smokers Club Tour, and asked Joey about Mac Miller being sued by Lord Finesse for using his instrumental on a mixtape song. It's interesting to hear Joey's take on this, not only because he's a young artist on the come up, but also because he has a song titled "Funky Ho" on his 1999 mixtape that was recorded over a Lord Finesse instrumental as well. Read what he had to say about the lawsuit below, which is starting to affect the industry, as seen with the recent delay of Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y's new mixtape:

I just hope he doesn't try to sue me. [Smiles.] My manager's been contacting him, so hopefully everything is all good. I feel like I gave him credit on the track. I heard why he sued Mac was because he don't think he gave him credit. But I put his name on it, I even said his name on the record. I mean, I don't know, that's a different story. Knock on wood. I'm at a point where now I don't even want to rap on anything unoriginal, because I'm not trying to be sued. Before it was all cool, when I was like, nobody. But now, it's like, it builds you up just to take you down. That type of thing.

Watch the full interview above.