Planned Release Date: 1992

Reason It Was Shelved: Lady of Rage showed promise after her feature on The Chronic and when she dropped "Afro Puffs," the industry was waiting on her debut album. While Eargasm was reportedly close to completion, rumors surround the lost album as Tupac signed on to Death Row shortly before the album was scheduled to drop. As Suge Knight put all of his effort into Pac, Lady of Rage ultimately lost her chance with her debut and later dropped Necessary Roughness in 1997 but after Pac's death, Death Row lost a lot of its name.

Why We'd Kill To Hear It: When naming some of Hip Hop's top "femcees" of all-time, Lady of Rage is often left off the list. Regardless of what anyone says, Rage can spit. 1992 was one of the seminal years for her. Seen on The Chronic and later on Doggystyle, anything that can be salvaged from one of Hip Hop's golden girls during her peak time would be greatly appreciated.