Planned Release Date: Late 2012

Reason It Was Shelved: Juelz started work on the Born To Lose, Built To Win album back in 2007 and after a hiatus from the industry, he dropped the track "Mixin' Up The Medicine" with Yelawolf in 2009 and "Back To The Crib" featuring Chris Brown in 2010. Two years later, Juelz is working on releasing two mixtapes before the album is slated to drop around the end of the year.

Why We'd Kill To Hear It: Another Dipset-affiliated release has been missing from the game for a while. Jim Jones is currently the only active member putting out new material through his Vampire Life campaign. On the other hand, fans are patient enough to hear Juelz Santana return with some vintage Harlem street raps on his solo tip. Whenever the album comes out, it will go hard.