Twitter: @_ASAAD
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Essential Listening: New Black History Month

Maybe you’ve heard of Asaad. The North Philly rapper pissed a lot of people off with the cover for his single “Boss Status,” which featured a gun-toting 2Pac sodomizing Biggie in some seedy motel room. Fuckin’ around with hip-hop martyrs is risky business, and some dismissed it as a cry for attention, while others called it flat out blasphemous. Asaad says the statement he was trying to make soared over the heads of critics, so if that was your introduction to him, allow us to reintroduce you to Mr. White Lighter.

What’s crazy about “Boss Status” is that the cover art completely distracted everyone from the plodding head-banger. Prior to the controversy, Asaad dropped two projects—Dirty Middle Class and New Black History Month—that were very well-received. The latter included tracks like “Batman” and “New Black History” that really show off the full range of his abilities as an MC.

With a buzz that extends beyond Philly, the wildly ambitious rapper will his bring taunting voice and arrogant flow to the Trillectro stage on Saturday so more music heads can experience what Asaad and his “superiority complex” are all about.