Detroit bred, Chicago based rapper Denmark Vessey is getting ready to drop a new EP titled I'd Rather Be Making Bread, and "Murder Raps" featuring his partner in rhyme and production Scud One is one of the songs on it. In the video, Denmark and Scud are posted up, reading the newspaper surrounded by yellow police tape, rapping about how murder is tearing our society apart in many different ways and forms every day. Watch the video above, and read Denmark's breakdown of the song below.

Murder is a song about the overwhelming amount of violence we face on a daily basis, and how it is portrayed by the media . It really hit me when i was at a friend's crib one night and she was flipping through the channels...everything on the TV was about murder, rob, rape, this and that... Granted you gotta stay on top of what's going on, but at the same time it just seemed like way too much. Long story short, images of murder are everywhere from the media, the art we analyze, and food that we eat, to the blocks that we live on, and music that we listen to ... The song also deals with how there are double standards when it comes to what art is, and especially within the hip hop community. This is still a relevant topic because hip hop is still an extremely marginalized genre.... I smoke... I drink... and I don't eat like I should... these are horrible recreational habits.. someone told me..."smoking is committing a slow suicide.. because you know its killing you" and I still smoke. That's fucked up, but at least I'm honest with myself... Anyways all this stuff is death and that's apart of life for everyone. For some, murder is much more of a reoccurring theme, depending on the environment you are in and the people you hang around. My homie RIO DATA came up with a very brilliant treatment for this song by the way. I felt like me and Scud were on some SVU shit ourselves. DOPE