Album: Back From The Dead
Producer: Young Chop
Label: N/A

This verse alone got Lil Reese signed to Def Jam. The first three minutes of Keef's best known song are filled with muddled aggression and contempt, and Reese follows suit with what feels like an equally threatening, but more passive approach. "Broski got the .30, he ain't tryna fight," he warns, with a nonchalance evocative of the murderous climate of his and Keef's hometown, Chicago. "Fredo in the cut, that's a scary sight," another nod to someone besides himself willing to cause physical harm, became the record's signature lyric, even spawning T-shirts. "I Don't Like" is addictively monotonous, but Reese's verse was just the break listeners needed to get this song over the hump into mainstream recognition.