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Album: Rio

John Taylor: “We are working on the move. We are touring. We got this lick. We got this bass line. We got some chords. We just know it’s got something. That one we had to bang away for a while. Kind of like ‘Girls On Film,’ it was like a chord progression that we had and we kept changing the arrangements. But I think what’s really great about ‘Rio’ is it’s really kind of an very ambitious arrangement. When I listen to a lot of contemporary pop or even if we want to call it progressive pop, I think ‘Rio’ has got a really powerful arrangement. It’s a long track, it shifts gears a number of times. There aren’t any time signature changes or anything but it’s a journey, that song.

“We had a lot of confidence when we were working on that album. And then I mentioned the video, the songs themselves, if they hadn’t been made into videos, who know? But then we made a video for ‘Rio’ on a boat in Antigua and then it becomes an icon. You can’t predict this shit, man. We all went out to Antigua to take a vacation. We were in between tours. We just finished up the tour of America. We went down to Antigua for a vacation, and we were just about to the leave, and the manager calls us up and says, ‘Don’t go anywhere. I am coming down with film crew. We are going to make a video down there.’ OK. ‘We are going to do it on a boat. We are going to do it on a yacht.’ I think Simon was the only band member who has been on a yacht at that point. It was a vision. The filmmaker, Russell Mulcahy, he had real vision. The [whole idea of the] landmark music video is really just getting started. It was so much to do. You could do anything.”