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Album: Duran Duran

John Taylor: “‘Planet Earth’ for me, I call it funky punk. I was really a punk rocker. Then I discovered disco. When I discovered disco, I didn’t want to be a guitar player in a punk band. I wanted to be a postman in a funk band. But, I was a punk and I never was going to be able to play like Chic. So ‘Planet Earth’ for me, as a bass player, was an expression of sort of my punky aspiration to be danceable to have that disco thing going on. Everybody layered on top of that and everybody expressed themselves. The guitar player did his thing and Nick did his thing and Simon did his thing. You couldn’t want for a better day for a single then a song that goes, ‘This is planet Earth.’ It’s a fanfare. It’s like, ‘Planet Earth, meet Duran Duran. Duran Duran, meet planet Earth.’ It’s one of those, ‘all are welcome’ [songs].”