Label: Smart Crew
Released: March 12th

Flushing, Queens' Action Bronson's discography is relatively lean, but it's also extremely consistent. While his culinary and WWF-referencing, street-smart rhymes play a major role, it's also the fact that he's got one hell of an ear for beats. Not only that, but Bronson's one of that rare breed of MC who likes to work with one producer for each project. His latest, Blue Chips, continues that trend to beyond-impressive results.

The mixtape's producer, fellow New Yorker Party Supplies, took a break from his more dancefloor-ready beats to craft a boom-bap-flavored release. His crate-digging approach is a perfect complement to Bronson's unrelenting rhymes and often-hilarious quotables. It's also just refreshing to hear a tape that isn't brimming with features. And when guests do come through, they shine alongside their colorful host.

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