With Summer Jam 2012 right around the corner, we rewind the annual concert's most legendary highlights.

Billed as the "biggest hip-hop concert in the world," Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam has become a hip-hop institution. For almost two decades the New York station has played host to rap’s greatest stars (Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, 50 Cent and many many more) as they created history.

MCs understood the importance of that Summer Jam stage, so when it came time to show and prove, MFs made sure to bring their A-game. And we’re not just talking great performances and stuntastic guest appearances—we're talking controversy, beef and even a lil’ nudity.

With this year’s show set to go down on Sunday, June 3, at Giants stadium, Complex is counting down our 25 favorite Summer Jam moments. Shouts to the whole Hot 97 family—especially our girl Miss Info, former head honcho Tracy Cloherty and longtime production manager Paddy Duke. Ayo Flex, drop a bomb on ’em.

Written by Jesse Gissen (@JesseGissen)

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