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The Alchemist has already given fans a slight teaser of his new release Russian Roulette with “Flight Confirmation.” Although this song won’t officially be on the album when it releases in July, Al gathers underground favorites Durag Dynasty (Planet Asia, Tri-State, Killer Ben), Blu and Killa Kali for “Spudnik Webb.” Over a gritty boom-bap loop, the track is a pure canvas for every MC to bring their lyrical A-game to the microphone.

Basketball heads will probably remember that Spud dominated the 1986 slam dunk contest despite his size. He also rocked a nice pair of Pony City Wings. This could be the ode to Spud we’ve all been waiting for.

Listen: The Alchemist f/ Planet Asia, Tri-State, Killer Ben, Blu and Killa Kali "Spudnik Webb”