Los Tucanes de Tijuana “Mis Tres Animales (My Three Animals)” (1995)

Label: (EMI Latin)

Sample Lyric: Dicen que mis animales van a acabar con la gente, Pero no es obligación que se les pongan enfrente Mis animales son bravos, si no saben torear, pues no le entren. (It is said that my animals are going to destroy people But no one is being forced to get involved with them My animals are fierce; people don’t know how to fight bulls shouldn’t try)

Mario Quintero, leader of the Tucanes, is the only major corrido star to write all his own lyrics. He has penned dance hits and romantic songs, but by far his most famous composition is this upbeat song in which a drug lord boasts about the “three animals” he raises and sells to the gringos: his parakeet (cocaine), his rooster (marijuana), and his goat (heroin).