Claire "Grimes" Boucher only started making music three years ago. She taught herself how to use GarageBand and built on her influences, which run the gamut from medieval music to Marilyn Manson. Her first two albums didn’t make too much noise, but ever since Visions came out earlier this year—with its buzzworthy video "Oblivion," shot at a McGill University football game in Montreal—she's become one of the fastest rising, most praised stars of the indie world.

The thing about Visions is that it combines the weird with the instantly accessible—dark sounds pulled in from her goth background mixed with incredibly catchy pop melodies. That combination of the strange and the familiar might seem like a stretch for most, but to Grimes, it’s completely natural—and after getting to know a little more about her, it’s easy to see why.

As told to Jacob Moore (@pigsandplans)