Judging by what day it is and the claim in question, you wouldn't be necessarily wrong in thinking that Kanye West being sued for $500,000 over an uncleared sample on a mixtape is an April Fool's joke. But considering this news broke last night and the suit was filed last week, it's obviously not a gag.

AllHipHop reports that Robert Poindexter claims that Yeezy used an uncleared sample of The Persuaders' "Trying Girls Out" on the "Girls Girls Girls" remix off 2006's Freshmen Adjustment 2 mixtape. Poindexter also alleges that West knew the sample wasn't approved because he used a cleared one for the second/bonus version of the track on Jay-Z's The Blueprint.

Poindexter said that he has tried to resolve the situation out of court, but he's been unable to reach any sort of settlement. And now he wants $500,000 in damages. You can head to AllHipHop to view the court documents for yourself.