Producer: DJ Quik
Album: Trauma
Label: Mad Science/Fontana Distribution

DJ Quik: “That was my first real independent record. I released Under the Influence before that with Joe Iscrow. I thought they were going to hook me up, and they hooked me. Everybody's got their independent stories. It's just that it sucks when people don't keep their word. If the police helped more, I'd be calling a lot more. But whatever.

"I got robbed on my first album. That was my label, after I left Warner Brothers A&R. 'Fandango' to me was just a track—the way I recorded it was all tubes. I had this big board, this TL Audio Tube Tracker board. This big blue glowing board.

"I was playing with the new Roland XV 5080 with all the little aftermarket chips with the extra sounds in it created by Jupiter, and playing with those sample horns. And that's where that came from, that's the sample horn collection.

"I tweaked it with some crazy roomy reverbed-out 808 drums. And it's arranged. You can hear if you listen to the French Horns. You hear that I'm speaking from arrangement now. I'm starting to arrange, compose.”

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