Joining Top Dawg Entertainment

Schoolboy Q: “Me and my engineer Ali have been working together before we were in TDE. He knew about TDE before me. He said he was going to bring me through the studio. Around the end of 2006, I came through to the TDE studio, House of Pain—they call it that because if you coming in, you better have your shit right. Punch—one of the managers from TDE—was there, so were Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul.

“I walked in and the beat was playing. Ali told them that I rap. Punch told me to jump on the beat. It was a record that Jay Rock and Ab-Soul were writing to, so then I wrote it. Punch liked it and he told me to come back through. I kept coming back, kept getting better, and eventually they signed me to TDE.

“I was in TDE officially in 2008. That’s when they started to announce TDE. But the actual paperwork, that came came in 2010.”