Influences and UK Hip-Hop

Ed Sheeran: "Song writing wise, I'm influnenced by people like Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Damien Rice. Lyrically, I'm inspired by Jay-Z and Eminem." 

"Example, a rapper turned artist with a knack for catchy hooks, saw my video on SB.TV [the UK's top online "youth broadcaster"] and invited me on my first big tour. My relationship with Devlin came through touring with Example. We shared a dressing room and I would spend every day just jamming with him.


I mean, I guess I'm a rapper at heart. I'm just a rapper who can sing better than he can rap. So, I guess there is that.


"People like [British rappers] Wretch and Devlin are… I mean they are influences as well. Everyone I worked with on my collaborations EP were among my favorite rappers. Anyone from P Money, o‪ne of the first people to fuse the grime style with dubstep‬, to Dot Rotton, who is one of the best songwriters in the scene. I'm influenced by Wiley [the Godfather of Grime] and Wretch, he's widly considered a "rapper's rapper." Devlin, he's just one of the best. Those guys are on the No. 5 Collaborations Project EP are my top.

"I think K-Koke [who is signed to Roc Nation] is brilliant. He's just dropped a new song called "Power" that's great. His song with Emily Sande, "Last Train Home," that for me, is the pinnacle of great songs, rapper wise. I think it is amazing.

"This guy ScruFizzer, he's just put up a "Warm Up Session" on SBTV, is a very skippy rapper. I think he'd be amazing to work with.

"Beat-boxing isn't something I pride myself on doing well. It is just something that allows me to create precision on stage live. I am not the world's best, or worst beat boxer. But, when I put it in the mix with everything else it seems to work."