Album: Even In Darkness
Label: Arista

Rico Wade: "My first time hearing this song was when Big Boi was already on it. Big Boi came up with the idea for Dungeoneze. He jumped that album off."

Ray Murray: "Dungeoneze is like the movement. It's not a group, but it's a continuation of that [Dungeon] mindset and creativity. It's creative expressionism in the 21st century, consisting of film, music, etc."

Rico: "Ray did the beat. They got it done in one night. But everybody fell in line. Bad thing was, L.A. didn't put it out until Andre was on it…that was wack."

Ray: "We all just had good energy that night in the studio. We did the beat and everybody just sat up in the studio kicking it for a minute, like, 'What's going on with you, what's going on in your life?' None of us had seen each other for a minute. And then that nigga Dre just gets up and raps. He told me he was just going in to test the mic real quick. He went in and bullshitted for a half a second. We thought he was bullshitting, and out of nowhere he laid down the whole hook and the first verse."